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picking knowing you and where ninety million us dollars. roland hundred and eighty cover which share the breath out of three to seven ratio in favor of the government. remarkable thing the window to keep sharing the profits of the tv show when plot developed which could make small farmers branch. the cover would only pay when donors during winter in action. they are not allowed to share future profit remained development. truman that he only had eighteen square miles of land available for development. the government to use this method to encourage role in court held that title win. particularly for illegally constructed limited property out of underwear. the government believed that this also occurs when others. melba buy and sell the beijing morning post. the beijing government insurance for seniors that an accident or a collector base and the nurse that if you are like china life insurance company in the coming december. more than three million retired aged residents aged over fifty years old. i'll try to apply for the insurer the total could be the new mac. the preview of the list
to him by lenders and borrowers did not violate the central government that interest rate us. any violations because individual bars the time between ten and fifteen kg out the wet or sticky hundred eight thousand two hundred us dollars. hard to be fined between five thousand fifty thousand dollars for the lack of timber windows to the government planned to get the laundry killing forty percent per year. it appeared to be on provincial government to approve the proposal. next the national daily the book that did not sell for cheap right. great granny night the chinese not like you did that but you'd be called the most expensive dry for in china. laughter is sold for over six hundred yuan per kilogram for a forty five us dollars per pound. recently approved until i looked like i was told to come to the capital city of coffee from china's jiang province the price to korea this year declined eighteen dollars per pound. the red tree species to the other one the few major production areas for chinese number you. every year only nine hundred tonnes of produce and tuesday off because of
about five point seven billion us dollars. one single day which was yesterday. the total to one came all the content of the dotcom total to about thirty five killing us the five point seven billion dollars a mere twenty four hours. to god and twelve the total sales were about three billion dollars the store and fail to hear about half of that of china's total total retail sales each day. according to data released by the two online shopping website the beginning of the shopping day. the most popular products for female undergarments. there are more than one million drop goal in the first hour of the shopping festival. it also acted out of the problem outcome which showed that there are much more female consumers. then there were no customers. another popular item was in the milk powder which has been a controversial product. as of noon yesterday the five hundred thousand cans in the milk powder were sold online. high level the publicity and fifty percent discount on numerous product for attention grabbing for many online shoppers. don't go away because of that money matters were talking
will not be used for agriculture it could be transferred to commercial usage in the near future. if you're not a plan to meet diana properly hundred thirty two in the round twenty one trillion dollars. without the huge valuation of all the distribution of the comparable land is still under negotiation with the circle of local government. next up and out of the daily content that the government proves private capital to the hospital recently defected to the government to pocket to encourage private capital to invest in hospital. according to the new coffee you and use for building medical attention. the only be charged by thirty percent of the server to win prizes. can you call the office that the private office to provide at least fifty percent of the medical terms the total medical resources in the hospital. when the package that meant that engine to the governor will provide one hundred thousand men who run fifty thousand dollars apiece for the top of that. the newolicies in them just named on the medical resources to and private hospitals. to the airport in two thousand four hundred
to manly from the us controlled the grass. in meantime across a chest x ray activity was mixed for the month of october. south korea's many factions sector expanded to stymie five months thanks to pick up in exports as october pmi came in at fifty point two just about the boom and bust level. added different stories also the border from china activity may in fact race contract and for that straight month. pmi remain unchanged at forty nine point six. as i aint it can affect the activity that debt rose to fifty four point two last month the fastest pace of growth more than three years manufacturing data for the us is expected to coming later today one pm on sunday yours and it's due out on monday. and the check out how all those are moving at my pc case and my cunning quenching is bike month in what was on the details when she was looking at my sleepy my dad affecting trading here. i did that to my kids than in years but investors still cautious ahead of the compulsive eating right away. indeed i think you can check now in the aviation markets. first we begin with b in mainland
you got ten percent of the release of the total subsidies and up to that billing us for about nine billion us dollars to help raise the average subsidy for each individual can do it for about thirteen dollars and ninety dollars and he doesn't well the average increase of thirty nine us dollars for each one every year. cover the baking government leased them to death and twelve the total medical expenses amounted to about nineteen billion dollars. the concrete almost twenty percent from last year. officials in china so security department nypd now throughout the conference might indicate the chinese government lowered subsidies from the distant future the office that they would try to use these to a more effective way. official or stated they will try to decrease the cost of medicine the more reasonable than the budget will perform to the medical insurance system make them inside until pears are raising the price for marriage and in china registered her marriage to the civil affairs bureau is incredibly cheap the registration fee per couple. nine us tour on the dollar fifty. they ha
during certain gap at once and at dinner time. it used to only be able to buy the greasy burgers have the special price over a three hour period. now people get the top of chicken nuggets and leaders of coca cola. almost all day long but it's not all continue to defend american style fast the extra value meal i've had to drop in value the rental price for the extra value meal used to bring to fifteen to twenty one fourteen to four dollars after the new plan. nearly all the combo meals have jumped off a devastating thirty to fifty cent. you jump in prices got the better off or have done the trick make the most kind often could not respond with a comment on the price increases. next up in the beijing news. the board to china to treat was on to the high prices of about one point three between you and the boy from china is not the most popular singing competition program in china that thing alive because there are more than its heels the one used to have very high on integrating the past year. free from the chinese media that the boy from china reid was not enough for one point three bill
've gotten bigger online box office come on dot com with the biggest us and china which movie to report about a few years. report showed that nearly ninety percent of paying customers are men and mostly men are married or single men who are involved romantically. over half of the helping customers in over three hundred human rights if you are held every year on the video web site the taiping videos. the male audience and also on average around two dollars apiece and other charges like reading appetite. cover and official data shows that by the end it doesn't well where eighty percent of chinese online video watchers have ever paid for online videos that they can come to prove that it is not a mainstream video modeling tiny yet. but according to the market insiders. the willingness to pay for online video has actually increased in the more potential huge. next up sunday evening. the court by a park in china. the court ever appreciate all of them don't about three years which may become with the most sought after curfew in the world. meanwhile cute but what to eat and the gold coast on a tiny a
about sixteen billion us dollars in china for skiers to the record of the broken one after another when it comes to me until recently. it resulted in many provincial government's choosing the dough went to get more revenue. the chinese cover lead in the first three quarters of the year the average revenue per telling when the first tourist cities like beijing shanghai one joke and the hundred billion yuan about fifteen billion us dollars only one joe got about ten billion dollars in income by selling brand in the past ten months of this year the central government tried to increase when applied to curb highly in christ and that it didn't seem to work. the shanghai government down. that would increase thirty percent when applying to the thirteenth novel in prices in shanghai are still paying high the highly impressionable the push of the price of houses as a result the national bureau of statistics. we painted timber house prices in cities like shanghai and tell the truth of more than twenty percent don't go away because of that money matters. we're talking about dating mandatory fun. ta
non us dollars. although the chinese government for a dependent or been complacent january. the pension amount employees are still far left in the servant. at the beijing youth daily. when the charge kitchen with people the food and beverage industry. granted these images. congress the civil government plan to ensure the standard to protect him with the catering industry he goes for all garbage from places like off the building in the restaurant is in charge twenty five the run from forty dollars per tonne the new system is going to continue charging its price for kitchen with brother type garbage disposal. the price but the rate of nine eleven or fourteen dollars per tonne for more than sixty five thousand food and beverage companies in beijing. over five hundred tonnes of kitchen waste collected every day. however according to research from the beijing national people's congress the actual daily with production to be larger than the large amount of oil looks really going underground market. the news that purport to the new fee will come out with it. the move by the beatti
us dollars by the end it doesn't help that it will reach fifteen billion dollars. all the nit championship no one ever revealed it expected to rise to twenty between us dollars to the sound of the underground. should i do think that everything that comes not have gotten more dependent on its return. matt and i then used the com lucky draw for finding good and tried to get attention online. on november eleven dollars single day. most i e commerce business that what you were riding through what can be to attract consumers a chinese to find what i typed one dot com want to look into all my neck of the attention of a lot of people. it could do to participate in the draw to win a trip to vietnam to look for beauty and the bride at a cheap right. yesterday more than twenty thousand people signed up for the contest when the participants arrived in vietnam in the tub with numerous blind in the hopes of finding of the enemies right. generally they need to pay over three hundred dollars for interpretation he is active referral to the activity organizers you'd think that we find a bride
market this year the report gold bars were sold for less than one thousand three hundred us dollars per ounce. the nearly four hundred third us dollars cheaper than the previous year to make. early morning yesterday. large numbers of russian stores and waited in line for skilled began nothing day. total bill calling it the milling about around eight point two million us dollars. even the many chinese coal producers percent of them trapped in a poll conducted earlier this year the musical part of the popular. i do not come at the opal creek and opportunities for making money. the past few days the northeastern provinces of china. london comment in the long jump province. have you know paul tait beginning of winter. they still intend to fight already common forms of transportation. meanwhile primary school to middle school had to spend their pocket temporarily with some people that bad weather predicted opportune to make money. china can delete and carving of the canadian province. many caucus getting on the road. the people waiting by the road the couple cars to get stuck of course the a
festival. so for eighteen thousand five hundred us. around three thousand dollars to four hundred dollars more expensive that the product before spring festival the destinations on the tours haven't changed much. the price of how to go up because many tribal law shopping need to become a small apartment and activities for court. they can no longer be forced by core guy. next up on it but cannot calm. a forty two day service provided by maternal aunt interesting club toward a forty nine thousand us dollars. i ended the thirty clubs are becoming popular in china now a private american club one tells of london private life service reported today. the big surprise that the charges three hundred thousand men from the forty nine thousand dollars for the forty today. today the most effective practice only made the more popular cleverly the cheapest service price would be ninety thousand u s mint about fifty dollars us dollars for twenty eight days the doctor for the people need a book every two months early. world will be any space available. many services offered by the club psychology test. ne
word dollars us if the insurance producers get married before november eleven to two dollars and fourteen a hug and a giftcard eight dollars on it would be given by the company the other two are priced at eighteen hundred eighty dollars respectively which also comes the year showing for one renminbi the purchases retain a honeymoon but died at eighty or eight hundred dollars if they get merit certificate next year the tools insurance only be made available in november eleven. the number of these products limited the most effective when offered with the honeymoon and the only available to ten lucky single main uses compare this product to be merely a meeting with eye catching strategy. but they might get angry that they don't have a date. next up the china business news delight to give pricing power given back to chinese airline company. the civil aviation administration of china and not bill campbell government controlled airline ticket pricing. previously regulated the benchmark to want to give prices. people liked it discharge point five min per km for twenty with ten per m
from twenty to eighty five he ran around three to fourteen us dollars. if they suddenly died during the period of validity ensure that a pitcher can get comfy to over eighty thousand dollars so far there's been twenty one kills record on the website next up the china did it change my perspective hope to clinch a real good market for now. high housing prices pose a major concern for china people. the chinese new year we will be marked in shanghai as i could calm down. because we're st depaul and comfort the history of women in early november of that year. a court in order to help you to them who to call the decreased number of people involved and second hand helped. eventually the owner had to lower the house price to three point six million yuan or five hundred ninety thousand dollars to five hundred thousand dollars for realty agent expose the film's second hand houses increased by forty percent from october the poll could also include the new housing market the total area for residential buildings the two hundred to two thousand square meters of them are led into november seventy
and couldn't talk to customers nearly four hundred un for sixty five us dollars i know that their kid course i cleaned the condition of the whole body. the most expensive one. the price can even reach his hundred us dollars. the bread baking daily revealed including the medicine and neighbors the total cost the club to the extent of treatment is just plain un or under two us dollars. the teapot and the recent call to cause a lot of back and taken to her complain. this form of exploitation can be justified by the very common belief in china that the student actually work. next up from china business news top of the school district in beijing downtown to the new high. recently ms nationwide primary school ranking when i put the price of homes near school. according to china business news the rankings published by washington d c based nonprofit think tank called the china research group. according to the wind among the top five hundred primary schools in china debating tactic for your mental primary school brings out the back from china the court located in beijing who went downtown area. there
to november the average raw milk price increases that under fifty to eight hundred us dollars per tonne. affected by that domestic dairy company not to increase eight nine percent of their products in the december. market insiders to worry about the future of china's dairy industry because of the individual dairy farmers will continue to lead the market. also the company's appeal to all the while the three cattle and a short time. meanwhile the previous tuesday the milk powder scandal. the poll which i introduced it in court. finally she won that dot com. wrinkles offer classes on time or plenary session. time thirteenth of november which is the country's most prominent pulp making session. many chinese people to discuss the effect of competition don't give a training school and he didn't even check to make money. the main trading company to help people especially some government officials to analyze and interpret the puppies made on the session. the most effective training classes will call for about eight thousand eight hundred yuan about one thousand four hundred us dollars for portr
for them. before november the daily cal it for photographer was right behind you at one hundred third us dollars. and recently most of them have charged over a hundred fifty to three hundred us dollars the sale of product online and through social media is catching the eye of consumers especially dose of professional pictures of the product. even though the cost of hiring a photographer is broken link and that most online shop owners are willing to pay for high quality food. next up the national business daily housing prices than one hundred major chinese cities fee increases for seventeen consecutive month. china india to cap his latest report showed that in october housing price one hundred china's major cities have increased by one point two four percent compared to the previous month the average housing price reached ten thousand seven hundred rent per square meter or about a hundred sixty us dollars per square foot the seventeenth consecutive month with the increase in june of two thousand twelve among the city's tendon and beijing and other housing price increases among. at the beg
us dollars. still felt that the world and have your own twitter. the strong rising trend to go for a long time i'm delighted to hear the valuable of the court's order for her to support us dollars. according to data released by canada's walk of the dual currency research center of october to hear the trains on the big quake in china to reach one hundred thousand and eight accounting for fifty percent of global trade value. the high transaction price one three two thousand seven hundred yuan or four hundred forty three us dollars. china to america to become the largest decline marked in the world but there are other questions linger about legality and china. it could be controversial and would already be out of the country don't go away because of that money matters which are not meant to perform. they can. medic or form in dire need in china. have complained about the inability to afford medicine and the current quality of medical care hostel. in the recently finished the night session the chinese government announced that they intend to establish fairer and more sustainable se
month. i'm looking at twenty one us dollars. the money and far too little to support the life out of the general area. the mattress adjusted interest in the financial mess up enter for general area. but cannot kill the prompt early too many problems. the chinese gov't also tried many ways to improve the situation the product name out of the people of how that could choose the more the mccain torture and company. make it to the people i can return to port their daily life. it had departed the operator purse after conducting fourteen deprived of the law discussion as a result. and i would say that this product might not be successful in china. most chinese people the traditional belief in that order have responsibility to take care of their parents when they get old and most elderly people when it happened or how to have children the large number of people for up to get reverse mortgages. throw a proper band had been hoping to win on residential land in seven years while. generally when elderly people passed away the women on mortgage houses look like. this could mean that the pink
reimbursement for losing or damaging a package is only two hundred u s route thirty two us dollars. also there won't be any assurance and made available for the package the packages of dr and most privately owned companies. the offer to reimburse cleaned people to the value of the cost of the package. of course with the maximum value on to claim the hundred us dollars the defensive packages without insurance the insured amount can reach three hundred twenty three thousand two hundred us dollars. consequently the different vendors that i can approach got a lot of net users question the parody of the company the key of bumble my perspective standing with the generation of online shoppers. one joe dailey tiny budget airline will offer non human like and want to the shanghai based private airline company can be optimized. i submitted an application to the civil aviation administration of china. we want to fund the budget airline companies climbed to the capital city of london time the topic in common. the president is not in line for using one two of the elite of the new budget airline provi
it to the comp us is appreciated kept in recent years. most people calling her teacher and the euro's appreciation has been very frequent topic of discussion rican years. but depreciate only benefit those who prefer to think what the good in some foreign country. my community paid. the people of note is the renminbi has increased in recent years today went out he went to the hundreds to continue dollars. the other five with ninety four dollars the first quarter this year he and continues in china the kid and i wasn't thinking too lenient dollars none too happy to leave at two point six to eight dollars to five times what it is today. the chinese central bank to produce a lot more money. as of late completion might become an issue of a confidant that the tiny bone too much for granted now they don't plan to travel abroad and better for them to convert their money and threatening be. he also recommended time for that product or product and or money to the uk. don't go away because of making money matters. we're talking not selling or get taken. over one point five million people with
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